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Driving School Flim Flam

Some of you posters need to wise up - this whole thing, instigated by Ola Lewis (where is she now that the decision has been made?) and others, was NEVER about any kind of driving school! Wake up! This was the latest attempt by the ousted party to try and gain back their power by forcing David into a position where he would have to katow to them. If the ruling had been the other way around, they would have felt like they could block anything he tried to do in the future. The whole line of pot-stirrings they have in mind are all designed to run him out of the county and district. Pure and simple. God knows, if we start looking for corruption in the PAST, there would not be enough cells to hold all this suddenly sanctimonious Democrats. Not everybody is stupid: so take your juvenile kool-ade comments and crawl back under your rocks. Some of us don't want business as usual like it has been in the past.


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