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When David won, the people won!

Just look at the list of cry babies out there putting their 'spin' on the antics of Jolly, the puppet of Lewis. And yes, it is their 'spin and no 'spin' on the part of David. This decision was reached by the NC Supreme Court with a four judge panel that included republicans and democrats. The verdict was unanimous! So now all you Jolly-Lewis groupies are sitting at your keyboards rendering opinions that you feel are above the highest court in the state. David said all along Jolly was outside his authority but would put his faith in the courts and accept the verdict regardless of what that verdict may be. Well folks, it is in and Jolly-Lewis lost. Too bad they as Judges can't accept the verdict of a higher court. Now that Jolly must follow the order of that court, we the people, won. So groupies, get over it. Also, you may want to form a search party for Judge Jolly and Judge Lewis as they seem not to be found by anyone anywhere. How gutless they won't show their faces. Disgraceful!


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