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Judge Jolly is the primary judge handling child support cases in BC. He doesn't run this courtroom.. the DSS child support squad does. These women believe that proper service of court documents is to ignore all information, including but not limited to, current longstanding phone numbers, long term addresses, and repeated phone calls, and then send a summons to appear in court to a family members' POST OFFICE BOX!

When the person doesn't appear in court due to having no notice, the squad claims the person was "properly served" and simply failed to appear. With no legal proof of service, Judge Jolly enters an order for arrest for this person based on... NOTHING.

Now, this is in direct violation of the Due Process Clause of the 14th amendment as well as the N.C. Rules for Civil Procedure which state the simple rules of what constitutes "service" of legal documents. This includes delivery by an officer or registered mail with a signed return receipt.

How is this behavior even remotely considered "sticking to the Constitution"?

As an aside, I do NOT agree with what our DA has done in this case, so I am not against Judge Jolly based on those grounds. Only on the claim of him being fair and performing his duties properly.


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