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“You would not see a front page picture of Jonathan Barfield or Jason Thompson in leg irons and a green jump suit appearing in front of a judge and you probably wouldn't even find it buried on page seven in the newspaper,” said McCoy. “It would probably be handled completely discretely because they are county commissioners.” - Ben McCoy

You would not see that picture because, simply, those gentlemen would probably not have been arrested multiple times, have restraining orders against them, drive with a revoked license, and fail to appear. They probably wouldn't have texted a girl they met through Craig's List...and sent pictures of bloody superficial cuts to win that prize back. OMG, dude!

I would bet that if they HAD done those things, they would likely get similar treatment before the law. Or maybe, with a track record like that, an earlier legal action might have been taken. We'll never know. Whose to say Mr. Berger hasn't gotten the benefit of the doubt up to this point. Violating a restraining order? What normally happens in a case like that? Are most people turned loose to go to their Commissioner's meeting?

I have met Mr. Berger...he seemed like a nice enough person, but I got the impression his pilot light was a little dim after speaking with him.

He is a lost ball in the high weeds, and you've spent more than the alloted time kicking around looking for the lost ball. Move on.


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