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The self-destruction of the Republican Party

Watching the events of the past few months simply reinforces my satisfaction at leaving the Republican Party. Which Democratic strategist came up with the idea to have sixteen Republican debates, thus insuring the circular firing squad?

Why am I glad I left the Republican Party? Simple answer: Because you're a bunch of incompetent boobs. Yes, I fully understand that the Democrats are outright evil and attempting to destroy this country, but I don't appreciate incompetentce any more than I do evil. You are facing one of the weakest, most vulnerable presidents in history and you're handing him his next victory on a silver platter.

Your annointed nominee will apparently be a man who signed the first "assault weapons" ban in the nation, says he would sign the federal ban if it crosses his desk, and raised licenses and fees on firearm owners by 400% while he was governor. His health plan served as a model for Obamacare. He raised business taxes in Massachusettes by $140 million.

(Of the other three, one is quite possibly certifiably insane, one can't understand why his views on abortion have kept him in single digits, and one who has defense and foreign policy plans guaranteed to start World War III by refusing to accept that there's a big, dangerous world out there.)

This year, we're witnessing the total destruction of the Republican Party. McCain, followed by Romney? You might as well vote for Obama! Even George Soros admits that there's no difference!

The Republican establishment has a firm message to the conservative voters who handed them the house in November of 2010. "Drop dead. WE decide who gets the nomination, and we don't want a conservative who might start rocking the boat." In return, the conservative voters are grasping at the only things left, by fooling themselves into thinking that Newt Gingrich really is a conservative, or that Rick Santorum might make it after all.

The anger is seething under the surface, however. By 2016 we will have a viable third party, after conservative voters flee the Republican Party by the millions.

It will be your chance to tell THEM to drop dead, a fate they so richly deserve.


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