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I'm not defending Bush, Albert

I'm pointing out that you're being very selective in whom YOU are blaming. Had our economic suicide started in 2001, we'd be doing quite well. It started, however, in 1965 with the innocuous sounding "War on Povertyy"" and "Great Society." It started with a well-intentioned but unsupportable program called Medicare.

It spread to the private sector with the CRA of 1977, when the government embarked on the idiotic idea that every American deserved a house to own. It picked up steam when the Clinton Administration went even further and threatened banks if they dared to red-line complete crap-hole neighborhoods or deny credit to too many minorities, even if their credit did stink.

We were already in deep water when Bush launched his unfunded "Wars of Ineptitude" and Prescription Drug Coverage. Evereyone touts Clinton's budget surplus without looking at the out year projections for Medicaid and Medicare. That surplus was destined to evaporate quickly with or without George Bush to help it along. That's even before your buddy put HOW many more million on EBT cards? Signed off on HOW many weeks of unemployment? Pumped HOW many billions into non-existent "shovel ready jobs?"

If you think this all falls to Bush, or can even be blamed mostly on Bush, you should be awarded a doctorate in revisionist history. We have been building to this moment for the past forty-six years. Bush simply did his best to help it along.


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