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"...the past forty-six years..."

OBVIOUSLY included them, didn't it?

I am more than willing to lay equal blame on the Republicans' doorstep. You, however, seem to want to blame everything on them exclusively while overlooking the incredibly critical role played by Democrats.

The Republicans are a bunch of incompetent boobs, but the Democrats are willing to destroy this country through financial ruin as long as they can buy the votes to stay in command while the ship sinks. Your boys created the entitlement mentality and the welfare state. The Republicans were simply impotent to stop it or, in the case of Prescription Drug Coverage, simply added to it.

The entitlement mentality will all be stopping soon. With the Fed, American banks, credit unions, insurance companies, pension funds, major mutual funds, and even the federal savings bond program holding just about $10 trillion of our soon-to-be $16 trillion in debt, the house of cards will be collapsing soon.


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