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Rouzer is a career politician

Are you kidding me, you people need to get a life. This country is going to h--- in a hand basket and you keep on with the lies about Pantano. Guess, what, the more you lie about Pantano, the more his supporters are energized. Rouzer has been a career politician and lobbyist since college. He has too much political experience and working with Helms is not a plus in my book. He's not bringing anything to the table except more of the same crap that has destroyed this country. You should be on your knees thanking God for Pantano. He will work for all Americans just like Alan West, Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan. Rouzer wants illegals to stay in this country for his special interest groups, which is bad for America. Give Rouzer more money and he will vote your way. Thats what his special interest groups do. They and his lobbyist friends have been big contributors to his campaign.
Go Pantano for Congress


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