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Crack Fire

This fire stuff Happens everyday behind Britts. Cops are so used to it, and sick of offering them help, I guess. THE Police ARE NOT the problem. The homeless men who live behind Britts are the problem, but now their idenity/location is exposed.

Believe me, I know these individuals. Many have suffered serious burns to their hands,faces, etc. from crack and aerosole cans.

Many groups who outreach to the homeless camps have tried to assist these hardcore homeless men. They WILL accept all the Free stuff that is brought to them, but won't ACCEPT help, ie.,shelter, safe haven, social service, etc.

These are not typical homeless guys, these are locals who have lived here their entire lives, here in Wilmington, these are the panhandlers and people who harrass/rob/CON your wife, mother, sister, daughter out of a dollar or five or ten. etc.

These guys make btw. $60-100 dollars a day. And it is huffed ALL NIGHT long...YOUR HARD EARNED DOLLARS---- UP IN SMOKE....and fire.
Folks, it is time to know the difference between being a Christian and just being STUPID as heck. Don't give them money, it will force them to go to back home to mom and daddys house, who take them back in on cold nights.
They hang at Lowes and Walmart panhandling. One has BOTH parents who work at Walmart while he sits out at the Wendys and harrasses people.
His son must be so proud.


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