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While I am not a supporter of Newt "The Hoot" Gingrich or Dr. Ron Paul, they do have a couple of ideas I fully support. Newt wants to build a colony on the moon and Dr. Paul thinks we should send some politicians up there. I support this idea as long as they build the colony on the "Dark Side" where Darth Vader lives. Any politician that supports a tax increase for anything other than basic city services such as police, fire protection and other required services should be included as a part of that colony.

Not one to be cruel, each politician should be given one SCUBA tank with instructions on how to use it sparingly. Considering that they would all be 'Taxing Politicians", they should have a never ending supply of hot air for survival and they can tax it in any manner they see fit without fear of being voted off the moon or out of their air lock.


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