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Once again OZ has spoken

"In September, during an interview with Chad Adams on The Big Talker FM, Saffo said no taxes for the stadium", what a crock.

Anything to bring something to a drab city.

The only viable business's in downtown are bars and attorneys.

Why is it that a private business, cannot fund the venture on it's own.

If it's such a great deal, why do taxpayers have to subsidize his "field of dreams"?

Could it be that the Convention center, the proposed hotel, and the other revenue draining schemes aren't functioning anywhere near we were told they would?

"but we've had a lot of people that have indicated they'd be very supportive of it", I can see that.

The supporters he's talking about are the "downtown square" that the police department has come up with to minimize Wilmington's crime rate.

The businesses downtown would love it. More foot traffic, more parking deck fees, more DWI arrests.

The majority of Wilmington's tax payers don't go to UNCW games, much less a minor league team.

If they (the team) wants to come here, put up the money, and carry their own weight, then fine.

The Braves have money to do that.

We don't!

When are the citizens going to pull the curtain back and find the true politicians that can't wait to spend more of our money.

The next thing on the list will probably be a dog racing track.

When will we have the right to recall these bums. That is the only thing that will stop the out of control pipe dreaming fibbers we have now.


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