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Nothing New

So a politician lies, whats new. You idiots keep electing Baffoon to mayor so you get what you vote for. Personally I have never voted for this liar and never will. This city has been spending money, taxpayer money as if there is no limit. How many things do we have we do not want? How hard do out of city areas fight to not be annexed? Baffoon and the council is why. Who would want to pay more to be in a city that does not offer one thing you do not already have except higher taxes. I was in the first annexation and not one thing has changed other than higher taxes, higher storm water charges, higher trash service and a incompetant city baffoon council. To hell with the convention center, baseball team, fix the damn streets. Front end alignment shops thrive because of city streets that have ruts, holes, worn our and Baffoon concentrates on baseball. Give me a break. These idiots have to be voted out, no choice, they do not have our interest at heart. The baffoons represent only a small minority of this city. The rich, elite and stupid!


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