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Only the beginning

Ding, dong, the witch is dead - but we still have to deal with all the flying monkeys still in Leland. Reading through the "HR Speak" in the press release, this was a way of getting rid of Jayne without admitting any problems in the organization. And placing Karl Smith, one of his boot-lickers, as the Interim Chief does nothing more then extend the problem. Real institutional change would require the removal of all the people in charge and officers who were complicit with this mess that Jayne created and that benefited from his "leadership" - from Smith, to Dellapia, Kozak, Landen, Blasingame and several other sergeants and officers who have been allowed to do unethical and criminal activity only to be covered up by the town and police department. And, of course, officers who were victims of his purge, using a "lack of buy in to community policing" which was only a smoke screen to get rid of people they didn't like or who would not sell their souls to the corruption and incompetence that was created by Jayne. True "organizational restructuring" would require cleaning from top to bottom, maybe even starting all over again to ensure the house that Jayne built doesn't collapse and bring the whole town down!!


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