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The true political games continue

Oh the sacrificial lambs! Leland is continuing to play their games and you all don’t see it. This was not Hollis’s decision. He has filled the role of the puppet manager. He listens to and answers to guess who? In Farris’s case it was Walter Futch. In Hollis’s case, he is indebted to Bozeman and Battleman. After all, they made sure his application was pushed through and he was hired even over the objections of other council members. They didn’t get rid of the chief because they finally realized he needed to go and they didn’t get rid of the others for organizational changes. It is code for we want to get by on the cheap. We are over paying an engineer to be a town manager and he is only going to stay until the economy turns around and then he is out the door. We will bring in another chief who isn’t qualified and pay him under what Jayne was making. We will take the difference of his salary and the difference from the salaries of the others we just dumped and to bring in and overpay a Human Resource Director to save face for what we should have had all along. With the way the town operates they will not get a Human Resource Director with any sense to come there or it’s going to cost them a pretty penny. And then, guess what, once they open their eyes to just how dysfunctional the entire operation is and once they realize how many more law suites are to follow they will leave too and go laughing all the way to the bank along with Hollis. The real problem there is that they are still trying to operate on a dysfunctional foundation that can’t stand. Until someone goes in and wipes out the root of the dysfunction Leland can not and will not prosper. And Bozeman, you know who they are-they are the ones you trust-the ones who lie to you every day-the ones who draw salaries they aren’t educated or skilled to have but once again you remain loyal to them and once again you will eventually get bitten again.


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