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Who are you trying to kid? Leadership-he knew before he ever stepped foot in the place. What do you think the behind the door meetings were about before they announced that he was town manager. He is the temporary man. It is not about leadership, it is about keeping a paycheck for him. He is and will always be part of the "old Leland" establishment.

Why now- because Bozeman and Battleman are once again saving face to the illegal practices they authored and they are scared. They decided to throw Jayne and the others to the wolves and Hollis complied.
Do you not know that Hollis will be the scapegoat, just like Farris was? Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that Jayne did not need to go but please call this for what it is. Another political ploy. And if there is to be a fast pace over the next 5 days don't you think Battleman and Bozeman will play dumb, even though it is well known that they were well aware of what was going on and help plan it all.

PS he ain't a county manager-he holds the title of Town Manger/Puppet/scapegoat/I will do what I have to do


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