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(Quote): "The cuts will fall most heavily on the airline's maintenance operations,which will lose 4,600 jobs" (Unquote)
STOP Right There!
Maintenance is not where you want to come up short in the airline industry, and don't even consider doubling up the work responsibilities on each maintenance worker with 12 hours days and weekend over time to make up the shortage of help.
Whom is running things these days with decisions like this...making safety something put on the back burner???
Everything in today's BIG business world with cut backs is worded to their employees..."In order to stay competitive people...we must.....etc."...then out the door their people go with pink slips...all for the sake of protecting the CEO's salaries. Bottom line!
Back to hitting maintenance crews with lay off's. To the airline industries "Bean Counters"...a word of advice..."think again".
The last thing anyone wants is more news of mechanical issues with passenger liners, possibly causing deaths from the skies. Take a merger with another company...or shut it down before you toy with people's lives all in the name of saving a dollar!
(Quote): Thomas Horton, CEO of American Air parent AMR Corp., said in a letter to American employees, "We will end this journey with many fewer people. But we will also preserve tens of thousands of jobs that would have been lost if we had not embarked on this path." (Unquote)
End this journey?? No mention of "Special Early Retirements" for long service employee's. No...that would cost too much and it's all about saving the big shots "their money".
American Airlines pilots need to stand tall in support for their maintenance crews jobs. Pilots as well are not being paid as well as they should, or have been. These people spend hundreds and hundreds of hours training to keep you in the air...and now the airline industry cuts their pay, increases their hours with an attitude of..."Go else where if you don't like it".
As for American looks like "what goes around...comes around".


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