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FEC filings

It seems obvious that David Rouzer has felt his support dwindling, else he wouldn't be responding to this report in this manner.

David Rouzer is a wealthy man. He has wealthy friends. His contributors looks like a "who's who" list of big agriculture, big politics and big lobbyists. His first press release after announcing bragged about his fund raising. I see that his announcements haven't changed.

Rouzer states that "Congress does not need another deficit spender". Yet, he assumes that we need and want him; a career politician and lobbyist who lobbied for Ted Kennedy's amnesty bill.

While Rouzer was feathering his nest with Ted Kennedy, Ilario Pantano was serving this nation in Iraq. Pantano, the son of a legal immigrant, has received the endorsement of Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC) who is on the front lines fighting against illegal immigration.

I think that David Rouzer is a politician for hire to the guys with the most money and influence. He's made a career of doing that, I've seen no evidence of him, or his political cronies changing their old habits.


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