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Hollis Decision

Rush to judgement Mr Hollis? What happened to the presumption of innocence Mr. Hollis? Remember, Mr. Hollis, like Jayne even you can be replaced.

Do not get comfortable.

My brothers at Leland Police Department, it is a sad day when people who know nothing of brotherhood, nothing of camaraderie and have the balls to question the manner in which you enforce the law instead of going to BLET and doing it themselves or make ill-advised and irrevocable decisions based on emotions instead of common sense.

I say take your time going to your next robbery or domestic violence call. I say let that speeder go through the school zone at 60mph. I say you do not see the next shoplifter as you turn and walk away.

What is the worse they can do? Fire you? Be awful interesting if someone was being raped, robbed or getting the crap beat out of them and no one showed up.

Keep on keeping on chief. Do work "brothers"


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