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Hollis Decision

Like you guys, I am judging too. Judging in favor of Chief Jayne and not hollis. Since the presumption of innocence is no longer given its' due attention and in NC, you can arbitrarily fire anyone for any reason in any job, I will side with the brotherhood.

You don't like the brotherhood, good. Perks of the job. And retired leo will tell you, if you are not in, you are out. Emotions are for chicks and dudes who have to piss sitting down.

Only thing that happened here was the loss of leadership and poor uninformed emotionally based decision making on town management's part. As far as being held accountable, those guys are held accountable everyday the go to work, put the "bad guys" in jail and so on. Be thankful they wake up to deal with the mess you won't or don't want to think about. If you guys really believe the rhetoric you are spouting, say thank you to the next cop you see. Even you Kblue. Lay off the red bull by the way.

Again, I urge you to get the training, get hired some where and work some shifts. Then you can have a first hand account to render an informed response.

I have as much right to an opinion as you do even if we agree to disagree.


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