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Kblue agrees with you. You can offer your opinion. I mean so what if it's stupid. So what if "YOU" Firefighter think it's okay for a Police Officer to break the law. It's YOUR opinion! Now if I may? Can you take your "opinion"? And stick it it so far up your boot tay you choke on it So Kblue can take his time getting to you? DipStick! I have some Questions Circle the correct answer.
1)Were you really a firefighter? (No) or (No)
2)Are you indeed Timmy Balboa? (yes) or (yes)
3)Do you think KBlue is awesome? (HECK YES) or (HECK YES)
4)Can Sherry Lewis shoot you in your Hinktonian skin? <-------I made that word up!!!!!! Say's who? Say's Kblue!


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