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May I?

Your "brother"? the "cop"? is a piece of garbage! And? from the looks of it? it runs in the family! Down here? If an Officer is in trouble? we help no matter our belief's. Only a Jayne fan would write anything so stupid.
I Kblue make this solemn vow! If you are a man women, Officer, firefighter, welder, lawn mower, clerk, Or even Timmillky? If your in trouble? or in need of assistance? I'm coming to you as fast as I can. I promise my hand to god!
Thanks for the great news that you won't be moving here. We are in the progress of removing the trash from this city. Leland is taking the right steps to make it a awesome place to live and don't need your ignorupidismns here! Sorry for my language folks. Ut oh!!!!!! I feel it!! Is it???! can it be?! Yup I feel a rhyme comin!!!! Like tuh hear it? here it go!!!!

I used to battle real life fires
With a gang of jerk faced liars

If you were someone I didn't like?
I would drive real slow on junkie bike!

I like to think my brother was a hero!
Kblue says that he's a ZERO!

You made your point and now your full
can someone bring me my red bull!!! Say's who? Say's Kblue!


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