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Something Fishy going on

I am starting to wonder about all the announcements of retirement coming from so many Democrats in Raleigh along with Erskine showing no interest in the governorship. I guess one might think the hand righting is on wall for Democrats in 2012 or maybe these guys and gals are just fed up and willing to let the Republicans have it all and prove or disprove their point on leadership and governing the state. This may not be such a bad thing. Maybe we should launch the republicans and see if they can float the boat. I think our entire country regardless of party is sick of the do nothing bickering. I just worry that the Republicans could take us back to the James Martin years when the State went broke and could not even send out Tax refunds. Many of you may not remember or were not not here but it was a bad time. But, Why Worry Nobody has a job any way! They all went to to South Carolina!!


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