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Thankful for all he's done

Thankful for all he's done for you? Lets see, $6 TRILLION dollars more spent since 2009, imposing a health care law that is unconstitutional, engaging in class warfare, hurting small business, stopping the Keystone Pipeline project, 8.5% unemployment, more people on food stamps than ever, taking a vacation every week, no previous experience to even work anywhere NEAR the White House, soaring gas prices, astronomical food prices due to those high gas prices, the list goes on and on and on.

And before you say it, yes, I do realize that in 2008 this all started. The problem is, he's done nothing that makes sense to fix it. The bailout failed, the banks want even more! His budget cuts don't go deep enough. It's economical principles: make more than you spend. It's not that hard to grasp!


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