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Indoctrinate the youth

Carter Jewell is one of many naive, young people in the nation whose future has been stolen by poor fiscal policies implemented by politicians across the political spectrum.Their notion of the world is within the confines of academia,which actively promotes liberalism and secularism.Outside the Utopian bubble, here is the real "STATE OF THE UNION".The nation's debt is now approaching $15 trillion.According to the U.S Treasury,it will reach $20 trillion by 2015,more than 100% of the nation's GDP.Do your UNCW professors discuss this rendezvous with our financial armageddon?No one in this country has a bright future with this bearing down upon us.OBAMA HAS EXPEDITED OUR DEMISE!All Obama has done during his Presidency is engage in IRRESPONSIBLE spending that will dwarf George W. Bush, with nothing to show for.From the time of George Washington to George W., it took the nation during this duration to get to $ 12 trillion.Under the Alinsky radical,if relected, Obama will be looking at $ 8 trillion on his watch.Jewell is easy prey to fall for the Saul Alinsky plan promoted by Obama to an ignorant populace.One of the primary components of this plan is to indoctrinate the youth with the feeling of hopelessness and frustration with the current system, therefore they are willing to accept a reformation of a new system shaped in Obama's vision.You are the current day Brown Shirts that Obama suggested in a 2008 speech.His quote" We can not continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the nation's security objective.We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful ,just as strong , just as well-funded".Carter Jewell is a part of a the "NEW SOCIALIST MOVEMENT" that is being embraced by an ignorant and lazy electorate.Bottom line, there is no viable plan to sustain this dependency culture.There has been no appreciable improvement in almost any aspect of American life during his Presidency.Just look at the reality of the world in your daily travels.

In the foreign arena, Israel is forcing Obama's hand by suggesting they will attack Iran.They are wanting to see whether he is truly an agent of the PLO and Arab sympathizer or a strong ally of our Judeo-Christian foundation.According to the Haaretz daily newspaper in Israel,many Israeli citizens are hoping that Americans come to their senses and defeat Obama in 2012.They have never felt more exposed.The CIA and the Mossad will take a close look at Obama if he is reelected.


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