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You're sorely mis-informed...

First, that pipeline was for nothing other than to get oil closer to the coast to ship out, not to refine. Nothing has been accomplished to ween America off of foreign oil and be more self-sustaining. As for the big healthcare "plan". Myself as well as millions of other Americans had healthcare plan changes this year that equate to over $5000.00 cut in pay. Higher deductibles, less coverage and more out of pocket expenses (for those of us that actually work). The charges for medical care and drugs are being migrated to the pockets of working Americans so the CEO's, Hospital systems aand pharmaceutical manufacturers get fat. Nothing has been done to thwart the influx of illegal aliens in this country that continue to rape and pillage our health care, tax and welfare system. Government employees have increased double in most agencies and the salaries they make have grown exponentially.

This isn't really about democrats or republican. It's about America going to the dogs and taking virtually everything the working family makes to pay for the lazy, the criminal and the inept. Obama has been of assistance to all of this. He's out!


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