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OBAMA FOR 2012!!!

Haters will always hate and racisim will always exist. It never ceases to amaze me how mean spirited you so called "christians" are. You do NOT represent Christ and his true followers. So continue to expose your hatred for OUR sitting President. Where were you when Bush W. was in Office? Where was your voice of displeasure at then. As I recall, I remember people were afraid to voice their opinions against Pres.Bush or they would face the wrath like the Dixie Chicks. Nor did I forget the countless vacations/trips taken by the Bush family while OUR men and women were at war in Iraq. But let Pres. Obama take his wife to a broadway show and all Hell broke loose. Oh and you think that Romney is the best candidate to be the President??? Really?? You kidding me right??? Mr. Obama will be re-elected whether you like it or not.


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