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Person in a bubble

- Government "forced" you to have to pay car insurance, pay taxes for social services like fire, police protection, etc. So health care reform was not the first time.
- Bailouts, which were pioneered and in the works before he took office saved our rears in the global economy, as well as a large portion of the auto industry, and kept the dollar at a solid value. Yes, our credit rating dropped, but find out why and you'll learn why that was not this administrations fault.
- Together, he and congress have increased spending on the military each of the past 3 years and our foreign relationships have been mended with much of the world.
- Growth and unemployment is not an exact science, but unemployment dropped to the lowest rate in 3 years as of today to 8.3%. Take into context the 2% (disabled, etc.) that are unable to work, and that figure is actually lower.
- The GDP is factored by multiple causes and since the economy (here and abroad) was going south before he took office, you can't waive a magic wand and expect it to jump up when there is no GLOBAL demand because the global economy dictates what good and services are needed.

Turn off Fox News and read something like the independent fact checking groups, or the non-influenced polling groups data.


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