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Speaking of're

Speaking of're the one playing that card. Why is it racist to disagree with Obama's politics? It has nothing to do with the color of his skin. Get that through your head. His policies are not only bad for this country, but he is slowly destroying the free market economy. You think I'm wrong? Take a look around you. Look at businesses today, look at how the regulations are running rampant. Stop thinking in terms of the "greedy rich" and actually think logically.

Have you seen how often Obama goes on vacation? I see a news story about him going either overseas or to Hawaii nearly EVERY week. That is not an exaggeration. He seems to be on AF1 more often than he is on the ground. I'm not saying Presidents can't take vacations, but that's a little excessive. You should look up the statistics about how much it costs to run AF1 with staff and everything else for just a single hour.

People were afraid to voice opinions on Bush? What kind of kool-aid are you drinking? People talked bad about Bush all the time when he was president. And to set the record straight, just because people don't like Obama, doesn't mean they automatically like Bush.


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