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Response to It Happened To Me

Ever hear of the word slander, or libel. Your post from 2/1/12 had no factual statements in it except that the three officers work for Wrightsville Beach Police Dept. It's obvious you just like to hear your own voice or you're looking for some revenge for something.

Shame on you for posting such rubbish and tarnishing the good name of three officers that have over 40 years of dedicated service to the police department, and with impeccable service records. They put their lives on the line every day, even for people like yourself. I would even venture to say they probably make less money than such ungrateful person as yourself. So your comment about them sitting at home being comfortable and paid was extremely offensive. They earn every penny of the meager salaries they make for the jobs and risks they have to take.

I hope some day you need a police officer and they don't respond to your call. I also hope they find out who you are and throw a libel suit at you for publishing such slanderous statements.

What you should be asking is why a relatively new police chief would suddenly investigate three senior officers. Think maybe there are things going on in that dept that these officers are being sacrificed up for? 1 and 1 are not adding up to 2.

You have done "freedom of speech" a terrible injustice. Shame on you Channel 3 for allowing such garbage to be posted.


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