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Never in my life

I was born and raised here. Left for 8 years and came back. Nothing has changed when it comes to this community and their lack of support for law enforcement. It makes me sick. And whoever the crazy person who said starting pay for WBPD is $55K must be smoking crack himself!!! Maybe for the chief but officer starting pay is $32K. You all can talk all you want about the lack of crime and the slack job that the officers at WBPD and CBPD, and LPD, etc, etc, etc....they are STILL putting their lives on the line to protect you people. Show some dang respect!!! No where else that I've ever visited or lived has ever had a community that is so against the LEOs here and so quick to throw them under the bus. Whether these officers made an honest judgement mistake or a violation of policy, they are still human. They don't wake up in the morning every day with a sole mission to go screw with someone's life....protect maybe but GEES!!!! So sick of hearing the negativity. If this investigation proves to be unsubstantiated, I'd love to see a public apology by this town for subjecting these officers and their families to the WOLVES you people are.


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