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I understand

I understand your frustration with the LEO hating posters, and I know that after reading these comments you may think all of Wilmington is just like them. But believe me, we're not.

There are many of us who are grateful and thankful for the service and sacrifice these men make for us on a daily basis. They give their time away from their families, they go out into dangerous situations, they put their lives on the line, and they do it for very little pay, to protect us and our property. They do it willingly.

I know there are some bad officers out there; that's true of every profession. But the majority of these officers are there to help, and to try to make this city a better place with them in it. How they can keep doing their jobs after reading posts like this, how they can still put their lives on the line for ungrateful, mean, and vicious people, I'll never know. But they do it. Everyday.

The negative people may be louder than those of us who appreciate these officers, but that seems to be true of almost everything these days. Negative, self-centered, unappreciative people are their own worst enemies. Meanwhile, these officers will continue to do their jobs to protect them and their families in ways they will never understand.


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