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re: doom and gloomers

Hold your horses there. While you may be willing to give high fives to these numbers, I am very sceptical. I have just lost my job that I have had for years. The company I worked for is laying off those who have full time benefits and pensions in order to save money. In return, they are HIRING part-workers to replace them. So for every full time person they have laid off, they can hire two to three part time people. Almost all companies are doing this. So while it looks good on paper, I don't know anyone who can make ends meet on 25 hours or less a week. Some of my former co-workers told me they have only been scheduled to work 5-15 hours. This makes it appear that lots of new jobs have been added, and they have, but not any that can sustain a family. While I can see why you are anxious to high-five President Obama, I challenge you to get real about the condition of jobs in this country. Families are sinking in this ecomomy. Until people are willing to get their political blinders off and stop waving their political banner, this country is not going to recover. Both Democrats and Republicans are to blame for the condition of our country. It's time to stop partisan politics and get serious about fixing the problems.


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