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City Council is hurting the city

The City Planners are what is hurting business downtown.

- Bridge Painting that is WAYYYY over schedule diverting people and closing roads into the city or backing up traffic.

- 3rd Street work that will end over schedule because someone didn't research to figure out what they would find and means less lanes open and people taking alternate routes away from the area.

- Sign Ordinance that has the City meddling into the businesses instead of allowing business owners to effectively run their own investments (aka: their own business).

- Wilmington Downtown Inc getting City funds and being involved in making decisions that should be up to the business owners and residents.

- Putting ugly hazardous signs up on Princess Street between 3rd & 4th Streets declaring Innis Park (the lawn of Thalian Hall) as only available from dawn to dusk.

- Market Street being one of the most uneven, pitted, and rolling pieces of crap road which is the main lead in from I-40. This road should be smooth as glass to make the driving experience 100% hospitable and acceptable.

- The "Art Key Fence" which has more than overstayed its welcome at the corner of Princess and Front Streets. It is always leaning over, falling down, and taking up 30% of the sidewalk with cement bricks and exposed pieces of metal. THIS is the eyesore of downtown. Not signs in some shop-keeper's window. Get on the developer or owner to do something with this property instead of this obstruction that is a potential hazard.

Can this City make any decisions or hire people to do anything worth the taxes they collect?


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