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"Can this City make any

"Can this City make any decisions or hire people to do anything worth the taxes they collect?" (unquote)

The answer to this is "Yes/No"...they could...but they haven't a clue how to run a city any better then my cat!
For as long as I remember...this city has been plagued with gas lines hit because crews haven't a clue as to where they are digging (3rd Street is next on that list, you'll see). Crews just "Go for it" and BAM!. This has happened more then we can shake a stick at in the last 20 years.
If you've noticed...every little (or big) thing that needs doing in Wilmington is, and will be, based on raising taxes to get the funding. Tax money already collected goes to..."Who knows where"? just fades into the sunset I guess.
As for road conditions here with pot holes/etc., this is the signature Icon of Wilmington...bad roads. A major Interstate Highway leading directly into a city's heart? NO! Makes no sense...but they did it! Maybe they thought By Pass meant Buy Pass and they were cutting cost. Either way...look what it has created.
A new Convention Center though? (Yes)...and now we need to cough up $40,000,000 more tax dollars for a baseball stadium. Someone pinch me!!! Now we know why there is no hotel built for the Convention's simply not needed. "The Emperor's New Clothes"....
Fact remains...this City Council wants the "Nest Egg Retiree's" and their cash to fund Wilmington...nothing more. Scottshill/Hampstead will come up on their radar in time to annex. That is a definite Gleam in their eye...believe it.
Once leadership here has picked our pockets long enough, then certain individuals in leadership will have what they wanted all along...a retirement center.
Both businesses and nest eggs will seek "other venues" soon enough, and leave this city standing by the wayside...Convention Center/Ball Field/...the works!
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