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WWAY Is not a real News Agency

My message is for WWAY....

Now don't get me wrong, yes Leland and its Chief are obviously booger'd up and I am glad things are changing like many others.

Though you guys have been so blood thirsty and have thrown your "personal opinion" so much into these articles it makes me wonder how you guys can say you are a real News Agency. You make Fox News actually seem "Fair and Balanced".

You guys started to turn me off about midway through this whole thing. Just report the facts as they are and leave your personal opinions to yourselves.

IT IS NOT your job to make our minds up for us, it is simply your job to report the findings and allow us to draw our own conclusions.

Those of us who have read the information have mostly all agreed that there was problems , we are not stupid and did not need your help.

I will never again watch WWAY nor will I turn to you ever for News ever again. Should you ever approach me for a story I may be involved in , no matter how small, I will never speak to you all. Based off the crap I have seen you guys report, if I were to be ringing a bell for the Salvation Army I would not be surprised if you guys turn me out to be some sort of Muslim Extremist Terrorist funneling money to the Taliban for heaven's sake.

Frankly you all should be ashamed of yourselves and your management need to remind themselves what their job/duty is as journalist and new casters!



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