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Not to burst the bubble

for all of the Jayne haters, but don't get too excited yet.

TO the person who questioned his salary, I believe it was posted elsewhere at around $84,000. The appearance of his house, no big deal. With the real estate bust a few years ago, many were able to purchase upscale homes for much less than they initially were listed for. Did he have a wife and did she work? Could have contributed to a larger mortgage. Did he have proceeds from selling a Yankeeland house before moving south? All of those and other factors could have allowed him to purchase a nicer house than some of you felt he was entitled to.

Remember, one of his programs sought to fight crime was built around officer involvement in the neighborhoods. That may be his defence for all the work in his community.

So the only thing you may have to hang your hat on for criminal charges will be whether officers performed pro bono work at his residence. Is that crimminal? Not certain it is if the affected individuals all state they were just helping out a buddy and co-worker at his home; just as they help other buddies at their homes.

Not saying that was smart; but that could be a possible defence. Then the question becomes were they on the clock being paid by the town?

A superior defence lawyer can find more ways to make a worm wiggle and look like something other than what it is.


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