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Jayne's Termination

I would to ask the "court of public opinion" what happens when the SBI investigation concludes Chief Jayne actually did nothing wrong?

What happens when he is exonerated of any wrongful actions? Will WWAY compensate Jayne for the libelous and slanderous comments that lead up to Jayne's wrongful termination? Or will it have to go to court?

Sgt appropriate.

From what I understand, NC is a right to work state so anyone gainfully employed can be arbitrarily fired without cause. Hollis, KBlue, Citizen, Sgt Coward and even Scott Pickey.

Funny how no one is signing up to go get trained, attempt to get hired some where and enforce the law themselves since guys like Jayne and I are so horrible...

You know why there are police officers, deputies, firefighters, paramedics, 911 and soldiers? Not only do they protect our country, they also protect you from your self.

Said thanks lately? I didn't think so.

Good luck!!


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