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to Fire fighter. i have been

to Fire fighter. i have been a deputy for 25 years. i did not get in this job to go around and receive thanks from people that i am getting paid for. i chose this profession as well as other public servants. did you ever hear of anyone telling the people that work down in the sewers thanks for what you do from the public!! or the ones picking up your trash?? you get paid for what you do and there is nothing in the contracts or hiring stage that says you are to receive thanks from people each day!! what are you? do you think that you deserve thanks? yes,when you dive into a fire and save a life or the officer stops a bad guy from hurting someone, or the ems worker who does CPR all the way to the hospital , you get thanks from that person, maybe? if not , you go on about your duties and feel proud that you did something to earn your salary. sure it is nice to hear, but it goes without saying and you have to deal with that. now as far as slander goes with Chief Jayne, i am sure as a fire fighter , 'you know where there is SMOKE THERE IS FIRE!!!! you can be fired, but it has to be a rightful decision and not a wrongful termination. he may be exonerated from wrongful actions or laws, but it may be the policy of the town that got him fired as well.

"no thanks needed"
i get paid anyway with or without it.
as long as i make it home, that is thanks enough for me.


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