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25 Deputy

25 Deputy...

Every job in America is voluntary. You apply and sign the application by choice. And EVERYONE is motivated by the all mighty dollar. Even Kblue needs to keep his ol'lady happy.

Thanks for your 25yrs of service. Serving 25yrs as a deputy has had to of had it's moments I am sure. I do find it provacative though, you won't put your name out there because...

1. You don't want people to know you're not a team player or whistle blower.
2. You know once you do, no other officer or deputy will ever trust you with anything....ever again.
3. You want to make it to retirement with your self, family and peers respect.

The only thing that has not happened was Chief Jayne was arbitrarily fired without cause or due process. The only other thing that has happened was the lack of leadership and commitment of the Leland Town "Fathers" behind one of their own.

I can say that when you blow whistles or drop dimes, the only place you find yourself is out.

The "court of public opinion" thinks they are entitled to have say so because they pay taxes. They should say thank you to those who are dealing with the crap they are either to scared to deal with, don't want to deal with or think about and are probably too scared to do it themselves.

Again, go get the training, get hired somewhere and do it yourself.

A random act of kindness to anyone, not just police officers or firefighters or soldiers is really not that hard. But a little extra special to those who have earned it. So, forgive me if I feel if I am entitled to a thank you for working in the Bronx for over 20yrs. Like you 25 deputy, Chief Jayne and to all the others who are serving now, we earned it.

Getting home to do the wife, family or girlfriend thing is just a bonus.


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