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Its about time the town got your AZZ out of leland..This is SKIP

Hay EX Chief Jayne....I am so dam glad to see your azz out of the Leland PD...The one time we talked about the DARE car i wanted the DARE car to be given to brunswich county DARE program you told me i was barkeing up a tree that there was nothing up. Well EX Chief you were right at that time. but NOW im barking up a tree and your AZZ is up there. WOOF WOOF OOOOOOOOOOOOO By the way the SBI FBI CSI know your AZZ is in that tree.... A Retired Firefighter said what happens if the SBI Investigation Concludes EX Chief Jayne Actually did nothing WRONG? NOW Thats Funny LMAO. The only way that would happen is if they let EX Chief Jayne do the Investigtion. Like He did with Officer Sherry Lewis. Lets see EX Chief in your socalled Investigtion 1. YOU didnt talk to officer Lewis????DAAA 2. YOU didnt talk to Officer lewis 2-Doctors??? DAAA 3. YOU didnt ask for the photos of Officer Lewis Injuries??? DAAA And your dumb AZZ didnt even talk to Officer Lewis????BIG DAAA Now EX Chief Jayne what in the hell is wrong with this picture???? Well YOU EX Chief Jayne in your deep deep Investigtion in this case YOU EX Chief Jayne FOUND NO WRONG DOING.daa Your AZZ aint gonna be so lucky. The SBI FBI CSI They do real Investigtions buddy your AZZ is grass and they are the rideing Lawn mower.. I love it and I Love calling you the EX Chief Chief.


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