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What we are doing WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Karl,
What YOU are doing wrong is staying in Leland. YOU need to go and retire in Sneeds Ferry where YOU live. I guess that Leland tax paying citizens don't know that YOU drive back and forth there every single day using their gas huh? Since YOU were in charge of the training the day Sherry got shot twelve times in the vaginal area with simunition rounds I guess YOU were in on the plot to get rid of her too! Since YOU knew of the plan by Jain then that makes YOU just as culprable doesn't it? YOU knew she was hurt and laughed right along with the rest of the rats "Kozak", "Dellapia" and "Landen". YOU were the one that set her up each and every time to get shot and laughed. I guess YOU are very proud of YOURSELF huh?
Hey Leland,
The rats are still there and growing bigger every day. All you have done is lopped off the head of the snake but guess what the rest of the body is still there doing whatever they want too because they think you are all dumb emough to believe that everything is ok now. Don't be fooled Leland! These guys are two and three time loosers! They are just waiting for you to believe them again. It is not over by any meaning of the word!
New appearances are conceiving! Different face being the Interim Chief but same ole person who is a cutthroat and the biggest rat of them all!


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