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New Wolf leading the pack

So what has been done by firing Jayne is that we have changed from a pompus, corrupt leader to a craftier corrupt leader who has been sitting on the sidelines, doing Jaynes bidding, covering for him, working on his boat on duty and just waiting for the inevitable self-destruction by Jayne until he could get his shot at Chief! Don't be fooled, Leland, he's no better then the last guy, just not as big a bafoon to show his ass in public. He has a temper and is vindictive and has let DellaPia, Kozak and the rest manipulate him. Sure his morale booster to the staff his keep your head down, smile for the public and, when it all blows over, we can talk crap about the citizens, the council and other police departments like we did before! Please, Mr. Hollis, dont let this clown be your new chief - you lost better people through Jaynes purge that would be a better choice!!


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