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I ain't Kblue but I'll answer enough already. U need to get a clue-the reason it continues is because they have only scratched the surface of the deceit in Leland. It has been said before-you can't hide from the truth and until those in charge are willing to admit to all the wrongdoings and come clean then the fight continues. Getting rid of experienced people, hiring more incompetent people or short termers, promoting those who aren’t qualified, paying measly sums of settlements doesn’t make it go away. It has also been said that if U think it is enough already then maybe u need to stop reading the posts, get a life and leave the rest alone and I soooooooooooooo agree.

Keeping the ones on board who threaten others employment and are willing to do whatever and look the other way all for the sake of a paycheck is not the answer either. Eventually they will tire of u too. No one who works for the Town of Leland is completely safe. When they are tired of using u will go out the door too.

Each and every one of them need to look deep into themselves, admit that what they did was wrong and make amends to those they wronged and if that means being open, honest and stepping aside for the better good then they need to do that. They have ruined the careers and lives of hard working people who actually cared about the community and you are right enough is enough so Bozeman, Battle man, Farris, Jayne, Hollis, and anyone else who was involved need to grow a conscience and set the record straight.

And as far as any heart attacks you need to worry about your own. Is your heart straight? Are you one of those working for the town that shouldn’t be? Have you assisted in the wrong doings?

Let’s be real –
A-accountability &

From top to bottom


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