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gve hollis some credit, but he screwed up, just more of the same

last week I gave hollis some credit to finally firing Jayne. After something really stupid last week by him I take it back. Firing Jayne will be the easiest thing he does, he broke a protocal that any semi expereinced town manager would never have done. It's one inexpereinced person after another over here in Leland, to save a buck they hired a guy with no expereince, now do you think they might go out and interview outside the department? not if it comes to saving a buck. How stong a position it would be if they hired a Female, experienced police departmental person to come in, with federal backgound. That way protocol and respect will have been taught at a much more stringent requirement. Smith is not the answer, nor is hollis, he stepped in it a week ago, wow what a blunder, in time it will come out to.


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