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the state will do

the state will do nothing....

they sat on the bill to stop the 4 cent gas tax hike on Jan 1. I expect them to do the same about this, oh and send us an IOU for any refund you might expect. Our government is failing and taxing its citizens all the way to the poor house and there is nothing that we can do. This is all governemnts local, state and federal, and the blame is bi-partisian, not one party or leader is to blame. The rich has the luxury of tax shelters and high priced tax lawyers and accoutants to protect their interests, and the poor has no taxable income, yet suck the life out of the tax pool with constant hand that leaves the middle class to support the governemnt.

special interest groups and lobbyist are to blame, and our elected leaders are too spinless to stand up to people instead of b$%#@ing use your voice and vote....but please make it an well researched vote.


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