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I agree with your comments

I agree with your comments GuestReality...completely!
How about City Hall holding a vote on this "at City Hall" by months end, and put it to the citizens to post a "Yes" or "No" vote and have an outside agency tally up the other one from our local government have anything to do with the results but witness them.
Yelling at politicians at meetings here in this town, usually turns a deaf ear by council, as you mentioned about losing ones temper at these meetings.
Heck...take until the end of March to hold this vote...give the public plenty of time to make their minds up.
Next idea would be...IMPEACH these money hungry guru's. It seems once our politicians want "new toys"...they can't wait for Xmas and see if Santa can produce them now...or yesterday!
Now people will realize what Occupy Wall Street and its following is all about. applies to politicians too because they are usually behind these types of public raping.


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