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Kicking the dog.

If it's true that part of a police dog's training is "hoisting his canine partner off the ground and kicking him five times" then it's time we stop using police dogs. Dogs only know how to please humans. Throwing a dog up and kicking him is ABUSE. Sure, I can hear it now, "But the dogs are trained like this so they will know how to react when a criminal does it to him". Or, "It's better that a dog gets hurt than his handler." That is a big puddle of bullspit. Dogs should not even be put in this position. Humans can make up their minds to put themselves in harm's way. Police dogs don't get to call their own shots. Instead, they have to endure being attacked by their own handler and then expected to do what the handler tells it to do. Shame, shame, shame on you. You get caught pummelling a highly trained dog and then you get to get your job back. You were wrong and you know it. You were no where near a training facility. You were just being cruel. And as for the quote "Hardin ruled that Jones' actions were no worse than the Highway Patrol's accepted methods of training dogs for police service." Well, that's just another puddle of bullspit to cover a fellow officer's barbaric notion of training.Label it however you like, it still adds up to animal cruelty and he should never be allowed to be near a dog again.


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