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Tea-Party Backed Candidates, Endorsements, etc.

Failed Tea-Party Back Candidates:

Ron Paul - wants to advocate homeschooling and eilminate the TSA. Those are horrbile ideas; think...lets create more anti-social children who are socially inept and lack common skills to navigate in society. Furthermore, lets eliminate the TSA (and the brilliant suggestion was to let the "property owners" handle the security of our 'friendly' skies.) No, I don't want Joe landowner of the Wilmington airport hiring some "security company" to keep me safe. I travel to much to rely on backwoods 'leave me alone' ideas.

Christine O'Donnell - Don't hear much from her anyomre! I wonder why!

Sarah Palin - I don't need to say anymore.

Tea Party Endorsement = worthless! Any person, candidate or someone like Woodhouse will be silenced in my opinion the moment he aligns himself with the militia known also as the Tea Party. payers should NOT pay for this stadium. The Atlanta Braves and some conglomerate of public business should do so. I think the ordeal with the Convention Center was room enough that we should have recall elections.


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