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No need to fear the Tea Party

In 2010 they pulled off the greatest accomplishment in American Politics in the past thirty years. They stopped Comrade Pelosi and her Socialist cohorts dead in their tracks. They still have that Marxist in the White House so balled up that he admits on national TV that the Constitution gets in his way. (Thank God!)

Here in North Carolina they wrestled both houses of the legislature away from the tax-n-spend, wealth-redistribution vote buyers.

The Tea Party pulled off a fantastic victory.....

....then they promptly went home and went back to sleep. Look at 2011 the Wake County School Board results. Look at the slimey, lying weasels re-elected in Wilmington with a seventeen percent voter turnout. Look at the failure to curb public sector unions in Ohio.

Now, thanks to a Republican National Committee that wants to ram a liberal masquerading as a moderate down your throat and a sound asleep one-hit wonder known as the Tea Party that is letting the RNC get away with it, I am reasonably certain that Obama will be re-elected.

All beacuse the Tea Party folks are resting on their big fat laurels talking about, "Hey, we kicked their butts in 2010."

This is 2012 girls, and if you don't start doing something soon, you can start playing taps for America.


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