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I'm gonna get beat up on this one...

The padded room makes a lot of sense in that it helps avoid injury to the child and the facility. Inclusion should not exclude the safety and rights of others.

When my youngest was in 9th grade her art class had a student with mild retardation and emotional difficulties. Usually his emotions were under control through drug therapy but several times that year he had outbursts and would systematically go around the classroom destroying everything in his path and injuring himself. Only the resource officer was allowed to restrain him. By the time the resource officer got there the damage was already done.

While I agree with former President Bush's NCLB law that every child is entitled to a free and appropriate education, does this have to come at the expense of the other 20 students in the classroom?

At a time when financial resources are thin for public education,the conversation IMO should be about whether we should be spending upwards of $30,000 a year on some of these multiple disabled students who are non-ambulatory and non-communicative.


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